Select Boston Red Sox Tickets go on sale on Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 10am. This is a great opportunity to purchase Red Sox Tickets for Christmas Gifts, buy a Sox Pax, or grab tickets for yourself for a spring game.

Also, the Red Sox have changed their pricing structure this year. The Red Sox have switched to a tier pricing strategy, which is based on demand. For example, a weekday game in April will be less expensive than a Saturday night game in July. Here’s the new 2014 Red Sox Single-Game Ticket Pricing for each tier.

For example, last year Upper Bleacher tickets were $12. With the new pricing strategy, you can get tickets for as low as $10 and as high as $20 for Upper Bleacher directly from the Red Sox ticketing. Some tickets are cheaper than last year and some sox tickets are more expensive. Look for the Tier Five tickets for the most budget-friendly tickets and try to stay away from Tier One games if you don’t want too spend too much on tickets.

To purchase tickets starting at 10am on 12/14/13, buy directly at or call 888-REDSOX6.

I personally buy Red Sox Tickets typically on in December and then again in February when the rest go on sale. In the past, except last year, I would be waiting in the ticket queue on for hours and hours. If you haven’t bought tickets directly through the site on the first day before, it can be very time consuming, so don’t feel guilty doing other things.

It will be interesting to see how ticket sales will be this year with the new ticket pricing and a World Series win after a bad ticket sales year. Will you be buying tickets for select spring games this Saturday?

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