If you are an Amazon Prime Member, you may have seen the many ads for PRIME DAY, which is today, Tuesday, July 12, 2016!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to share some Amazon deals, since last year there wasn’t too much to talk about. (I didn’t buy a thing last year).

However, I’ve personally already bought a few things this Amazon Prime Day. Nothing too share worthy– toilet paper (for $9.80), diapers (14.39), baby wipes ($10.40), trash bags ($7.74)… all things that point out I’ve increasingly aged in the past few years.

Keep in mind that you may need to head to the final checkout page to see what the final price before all the coupons and promotions apply. Most the deals I’ve done so far are Subscribe & Save items (with a 15% savings for the month) so the price may be slightly higher for you. If you are going for some Deals of the Day, you may need to click a few times before getting it in your cart.

It’s a little tricky to share Amazon deals because prices and deals change SO fast so if you are on the fence on something, you need to make your mind up fast if you really want it.

Here’s two great promotions happening today for Amazon Prime members that shouldn’t be so time sensitive:

Don’t forget to check out the Amazon Prime Deal page to find all their great deals today for Amazon Prime members only.

Did you find any great deals today? Or were you disappointed like I was last year?



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