Uber Boston

Okay, so Gilt City is offering a $25 Uber Credit for $0, which you can grab here. This offer is for new Uber clients who have not taken a ride with Uber.

With that being said, I was unable to redeem my code received through Gilt City even though a ride hasn’t technically been taken yet, but isn’t a new account either. However, it may work for existing account users if you haven’t rode with Uber yet.

If you haven’t used or signed up with Uber, please make sure you sign up with an offer to receive even more credit. If you sign up through my referral link here, you will receive another $10 credit, which will equal $35 in free Uber Credits!

Once you receive your Uber promotion code from Gilt City (mine came with an hour), you can place it here.

Good Luck; let me know if this works for you!

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